Trade and industial aid

Are you looking to move large quantaties of goods from one location to another? or perhaps looking to purchase some top of the line products without having to make the long treck to the nearest trade hub?, parhaps we can help!

War time efforts

Currently in a battle for survival? or perhaps looking for some much needed expansion, with our wartime services we can help supply fuel and medical aid to your cause and increase those chances for total victory!

Protection and transit

Have you just spent 1600 hours of your hard earned free time mining and are looking to sell it without some scrub lord in a cutlass or corsair to reap those sought after rewards, with our escort team we can make those worries a figment of the past!

Apply now

Looking for some extra work? Maybe something a little more lucrative? Get a career with us and perform well and you will find yourself in one of the most lucrative organisations in the verse!